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Summer Training Programs with The Navigators® are designed to help you focus on learning to live out God's call to love your neighbor both in the workplace and in the community you live in.


Join students and collegiate Navigators staff from the South Central region for a great summer! The Navigators Summer Training Programs are proven to be "greenhouses" for spiritual and relational growth. At STP, we will dig deeply into the mysteries of who God is, who God says we are, how we can relate well with one another as brothers and sisters in Christ, how we can serve others, God’s heart for the lost and His heart for all nations. Students will engage in the community relationally and professionally by working a full-time job for the summer. We will trust God to teach and develop us all as we learn to better love, and authentically share our faith, in the work world.


Our goal is developing and equipping participants to be life-long laborers for Jesus Christ. Laborers who seek to respond to God's call to love others deeply and point them towards Jesus, using the gifts He has given them no matter what community or life circumstances they may find themselves in. Our hope is that students will return back to their campuses and workplaces pursuing to know Christ deeper and make Him known in the very places they live.


Sofia (Texas Tech)

"Lonestar summer was a fun opportunity where I learned to live in community with other believers and lean on God in all moments. God continuously revealed himself to me and challenged me to share what he was doing in my life with others."


Noah (HBU)

I loved the commitment to God’s Word about Lonestar summer. UI did not expect to I come away with such a better understand of how powerful God’s word is.


Lakeia (HBU)

“LSS was enjoyable and challenging all at the same time. I enjoyed being able to socialize with other believers for the summer. I grew in my perseverance and ability to do hard things like work at Kalahari!"


Mason (HBU)

"A very good experience that helped me to grow in how I practice my faith. It helped me learn how to set right priorities in my relationships with others and my relationship with God."

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider STP
1. You will never regret a sacrifice or investment made in your relationship with God

So much of the growth that will happen this summer is catalyzed by your decision-making process. Learning to wrestle with God in life decisions (money, time, relationships, etc.) is the foundation of walking with God for the rest of your life. We really believe God will honor your investment in pursuing Him in Round Rock - if that is where He is leading you!


You will learn how to meet with Jesus through His Word and grow through: Bible studies, evangelistic outreaches, discipleship groups, ministry training, fellowship, and other activities designed to challenge and encourage students in all areas of their faith.  


2. Valuable Job Experience

Kalahari is a national leader in the hospitality industry. Not only will you be making $14 an hour, but you'll be learning about a healthy work ethic, conflict resolution, team work, and the value of every job. For those interested, Kalahari is motivated to equip and steward your investment in their company with potential longer-term employment, internship possibilities, and future job opportunities after graduation.

3. Spiritual growth and maturity through life-on-life mentorship in community

Having dedicated mentors in your life is invaluable. Student leaders and Navigator staff are dedicated to coming alongside you and helping you learn to follow Jesus while living in life-on-life community together.


Living, working, and playing on the outskirts of Austin, Texas, will lead to some great memories! We've got an exciting lineup of program events that you'll enjoy alongside the other program participants. 

5. Worthwhile use of your summer

You've got three summers in college - four if you're lucky! A two-month window of time dedicated to time with the Lord, rest, and relationships with like-minded people may never happen again after you graduate. Take advantage of this opportunity while you can.


Why a Summer Training Program and not a valuable internship experience?

In many ways, we believe STPs have as much, if not more value than an internship.


At many internships, students are at the bottom of work order and are not tasked with any significant leadership opportunities, people skills, or conflict resolution training, or valuable teamwork experiences.  While internships may look good on a resume, many internships do not necessarily translate into true life skills development, leadership awareness, or spiritual growth. We wholeheartedly believe the Summer Training Program model is invaluable for building these areas into young leaders, and we can confidently say that many employers highly value faith-based, developmental experiences like these when interviewing recent graduates. 

Additionally, students may have the opportunity to work in certain fields at Kalahari that correspond with their major. Students have received class credit, valuable internship experience, and, in some cases, full-time employment when they graduate working with Kalahari. Examples include back office accounting and cash management, hospitality and front-of-house experience, marketing, advertising, and food service.  

Why Round Rock / Kalahari?

A strong value of Lonestar Summer is that each student works a full-time job. Not only will our students make money, but they will grow in their character development and apply what they are learning in a real life environment. There are only a few places in the United States where we can be guaranteed that our students  will be employed just for the summer. Kalahari has agreed to hire our students and house them in a new, dorm-style complex at a very low cost. 


What is unique about a Summer Training Program? 

A university student typically has three summers to choose how they spend their time, make (or spend) their money, and grow as an individual. Many trips, internships, and adventures are out there, but we believe a Summer Training Program is unique offering in that it provides your child:

  • ​The opportunity to move to another city and work a full-time job and craft leadership and relational skills that can apply to any occupation

  • An environment led by staff and energized by other college students that challenges him or her to grow in all areas of life and character

  • Time to develop Biblical convictions that will affect his or her relationship with God and others for the rest of their lives through training in Bible study and evangelism

  • The invaluable experience of meeting and working with people from all over the world

Will I be able to visit my child? 

Yes, parents are always welcome to visit their students during the Lonestar Training Program. Your child is not able to take extra days off of work to spend time with you, however. We ask students to follow through on their LSS commitments and believe they will learn the most when they are present and engaged at all of their meetings and Bible study. They are equally committed to the work they are given at Kalahari and are important employees to aid this park in functioning well during its busy summer season. We thank you for understanding as we ask students to honor these commitments.

Will my child be safe? 

The Navigator staff take the safety of your son or daughter seriously. We have several policies designed to ensure the safety of your child. We will do everything we can to ensure the safety of students at the program.

How will my child get to the Summer Training Program? Most students carpool with other students to get to Round Rock. Each campus will try to set up rides for their students based on what city they live in. It can be helpful if you child is able to bring his or her car to the program. Your child may also fly or drive separately to the STP if he or she does not live in a nearby city or near those students who are driving. If coming from the airport, we can arrange for someone to pick him or her up.

If my child is without a car, how will he or she get to work and out to buy food? Students working at Kalahari maintain similar schedules and are able to carpool to and from work and to nearby grocery stores throughout the week. Additionally, the summer dorm is within walking distance (less than .25 mile) to their workplace. 

We thank you for your commitment to your child! We believe the Bible is clear that your child is to honor his or her parents. If you have any more questions or concerns about your child attending this STP, feel free to contact the Navs staff at your student's campus or email the Lonestar Summer Director at

Why does my son/daughter have to go to Lonestar Summer to grow spiritually and develop in leadership?
In our experience, a student can grow outside of a summer project like LSS, but it can be difficult! Our program allows a student to invest eight weeks in a place where he/she is in a a greenhouse for spiritual growth. Each student will have accountability through their team, team leader, and campus staff. They will receive valuable teaching and character development from Navigator staff. They will learn practical skills such as how to study the Bible, developing work ethic, how to treat members of the opposite sex, what qualities to look for in a spouse, how to help others find a relationship with God, how to handle money, and making wise decisions.

I am not comfortable with my son/daughter raising support. Why do they have to do that?
We understand your concerns! Students are not required to raise support. Each student is free to pay for Lonestar STP however they decide. We simply allow (versus require) students to raise support. This is our strategy for several reasons:

     1. Some students would not be able to attend LSS if they could not raise support.

     2. Some people have a heart for college students but obviously cannot personally be there to impact students' lives. When  someone gives support, it allows her to invest in what God is doing on the college campus. This is an opportunity for a student's community to invest in that student and their spiritual development. 

     3. It is Biblical for a person to receive support from others while doing God's work

- The Jews gave to the Levites // Numbers 18:24

-  Jesus received support so he could devote himself full time to his ministry // Luke 8:1-3

- Paul stopped tent-making to preach full time while covering costs via the generosity of others // Acts 18:4,5

During the spring, we train each LSS participant who indicates an interest how to raise support. Our experience is that if a student communicates the purpose and content of the LSS summer experience in a clear manner, their community will often jump at the chance to give. The Navigators are a charter member for the EFCA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) and were incorporated in 1933. We provide receipts for tax-deductible giving.

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