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"The Lord God took man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it."  - Genesis 2:15

God created, and it was good.  This is how our Christian faith begins; before the fall man is in right relationship with His Creator and with all of creation.  Even work is a gift and something to be grateful for.  


New Kalahari Resort in Round Rock, TX opened in 2020

The Navigators have partnered with the Kalahari Resort corporation since the early 2000s in various resorts around the country.  Students have worked all over the park - making pizzas,  serving Dippin' Dots, and entertaining children, lifeguarding, cleaning hotel rooms, etc.! These jobs allow students to develop authentic friendships with their co-workers, make money, and demonstrate a good work ethic. Kalahari is eager to have Navigator students return every summer, and they are known around the park as dedicated and eager employees.

Student team members agree to work 35-40 hours per week, while team leaders work 10-20 hours. During the typical week, students work 3-4 days a week, Tuesday through Saturday.

Kalahari is excited about the potential of hiring Navigator students into long-term or internship-type roles beyond the summer. They view our alumni as some of their most ideal hiring candidates after college. 

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